Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Break 2009

Fall break was a little interesting for us. I refer to it as the "Medical break". It all started a few weeks before fall break, I was suffering from severe back pain. At that point I thought it was a strained muscle. Several doctors and x-rays later I was told I had injured my facet joint. Not good!
It is now 6 weeks later and I am still in pain and unable to fully function. I have not been able to exercise, standing for extended periods is excruiating to say the least. At this point I am considering an MRI.
Friday of fall break Scott, Alec and I were at the outpatient surgery facility.

Not fun to see your little one like this. This is how we started our fun fall break. What a brave guy Alec was. So scary! All went well and Alec is fully recovered. It did take him the whole week to get feeling better. I was so thankful he had that time to recover.

Wednesday of fall break, Mackenzie went in to have her ingrown toenails removed. During all of this I was going back and forth to the Chiropractor for my back. Once again, I have such brave, strong kids. Mackenzie was so tough while having two shots in each toe. Oh, man! I cannot tell you how painful those are.

At this point we have, one bad back, one recovering 9 year old, and two very sore toes. Not a lot of fun at our house.

We made it through the week. Nothing too exciting. Lots of movies, treats, pain med's and poor Jensen and Scott had to help us recover.

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stacey said...

so sorry!! what's up with alec? take care of you!!