Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

What a great week we had last week.
We made a trip to see the Temple Lights.
Christmas Eve we had Scott's family over.
My cute nephew Ryan LOVES my rolls.
Sisters on Christmas Eve
Alec and Kenzie on the piano Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we set the table for Christmas morning breakfast.
After checking out stockings and Santa gifts,
we have a break for cinnamon rolls and egg casserole.
In their Christmas PJ's

Santa brought Kenzie a GPS for her car

Santa brought Alec a guitar

and Santa brought Jensen her Kindle.

We have had a lot great bonding.
This is the last year with all of us under the same roof.
Scott is now commuting to Utah and
Kenzie leaves for BYU in April.
How time flies!
It wasn't that long ago that the kids were all little.
Now, one is getting ready to leave the nest,
another one is preparing to graduate High School
and one will be finishing elementary in a year and a half.
I don't know if I am ready for all of this change.
I love the holidays, traditions and all the great memories
that are made.
We are so blessed!

Friday, December 24, 2010

~Merry Christmas~

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Early Christmas Gift

Scott ordered this for the family. The ROKU streams
unlimited movies and TV shows via the internet to your TV.
The family is LOVING it!!
What a great present!
Thank you Scott!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


it seems that my motto for the year "I can DO hard things" was truly inspired. as i have overcome personal, physical and emotional challenges this year, there was one challenge left to conquer. in November as i was dealing with my sadness and grief with being released from yw's, my husband was busy looking for new employment opportunities. one day a recruiter called him with great interest. 2 weeks later there was a job offer...not just one, but there were 2 others as well. 3 in all!

unfortunately none of these opportunities were in arizona. we had some lengthy conversations, emotional moments, stressful times, anxiety, peaceful visits to the temple and HUGE decisions to make over the Thanksgiving holiday. as options were weighed, the answer was obvious. HERE WE COME UTAH!!

scott has taken a job with adobe in utah. now comes the crazy part...he will commute 3 days a week for a year and then for 6 months he will be in utah 4-5 days a week. this week was the start of our new crazy life. i will be adjusting to single parenting and scott will be adjusting to living at my parents. many have asked why we are doing this. this will allow jensen to graduate high school early as a junior and alec will be able to finish 6th grade. the company is willing to allow scott to do this and we felt our kids would transition easier at these stages.

i never thought i would be moving back to utah. this came as a complete shock and i am still adjusting to the idea. scott is thrilled and has a great job with adobe. i am excited for his career and so proud of him. it is with great sadness that our family prepares to tell arizona goodbye. we love it here and call it home. alec was born here and has never lived anywhere else. he has no idea what is in store for him. this kid is use to wearing flip flops and shorts in december. oh, boy!

once again i find myself saying..."i can DO hard things." this truly is a hard thing. this year has taken its toll on me. november was quite the roller coaster ride and there are still some moments when the tears flow. through it all i have learned so much about myself, become stronger, leaned on my heavenly father, gained an appreciation for regular temple attendance and realized that i can do hard things!

there is a reason we need to be back in utah. it will be a challenging year and a half for our family as scott commutes, we get closer to leaving az and the kids and i learn to be on our own. i now know that i needed to be released from my calling because my family needs me now.

what a year it has been! i never imagined that 2010 would end this way and our life would be taking us on this new journey. for now it is time to enjoy my little family, christmas and our time home together.

Monday, December 20, 2010


These are wall hangings that I made for
friends and family for Christmas.
I LOVE how they turned out!
If you are interested in one...
contact me and we can make arrangements.
I can customize colors.
So fun!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Happenings

Random December Happenings
The Holidays are upon us....
all the kids are wired with excitment!
Kenzie took this great photo of an ornament
on our tree
Jensen finished out Nutcracker.
This is her Court Fairy Tutu

Jensen, Kenzie and Alec
Jensen in her Bon Bon Tutu
Jensen and all her ballet friends.
They did a beautiful job this year.
There were many new challenges.
We are so proud of all of them.
Kenzie and I made 200 of these for
family, friends and neighbors.
It was an all day event and took the
whole family to get them all delivered.
Scott had a birthday and we made homemade pizza
and chocolate cake.
The house is decorated,
presents under the tree and now
we are awaiting the
arrival of Santa.
A new tradition this year...
Hot Cocoa Station on the kitchen counter.
Although it has been in the 80's...
we still have to believe that
it is winter somewhere.

The kids and I will settle in this week with
our activities...seeing Christmas lights,
making cookies and treats, watching
Christmas movies and reflecting on the
TRUE meaning of Christmas.
Such a magical, fun and special time
of the year.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Scott

Happy Birthday Scott!!

I love this man for so many reasons....

*He is the best father, husband and friend.
*He always puts others first.
*He has always done everything he can
to provide and care for each of us.
*Very caring and concerned about all of us.
*Such strong FAITH and testimony.
*I have never seen such a dedicated hardworker.
*Is willing to sacrifice for others.
*Never complains.
*Great sounding board.
*Doesn't get worried easily.
*Remains neutral.
A HUGE Boise State Fan!
I was so looking forward to taking him to a BCS Bowl game
to watch his Broncos.
Scott, I love you!
Happy Birthday and I look forward
to celebrating many more with you.
I am lucky to be your wife and friend.