Thursday, May 16, 2013

Officially a Teenager!

Oh, Man I LOVE this boy!!!

I can't believe that today he is turning 13!!
He completes our family.
It is fun to have a boy and all that comes with him.
From wearing his sisters cap at BYU graduation.

To watching him play Lacrosse in freezing Utah temps.

Being the cool guy on the golf course.

And watching countless basketball games.

Alec is a blessing to our family.
I can't imagine what our life or family would
be like without him.

1. Always gives me hugs and tells me he loves me.
2. Loves to hang out with friends.
3. Enjoys reading a good book.
4. Great student.
5. Hilarious/sarcastic sense of humor.
6. Adores his sisters and spending time with them.
7. LOVES Lacrosse
8. Sour candy is his favorite.
9. Always asks for pasta on his birthday.
10. In 'N Out is a close second.
11. Can't get enough of his iphone or music
12. Is an amazing example
13. Loves to play jokes on people

Alec is a great young man!
He has always been my little shadow and buddy...
don't ever stop!

Alec,  you were always a fun, smart and nice little boy.
You have become a remarkable Young man!
We LOVE you and are so proud of you.

Lots of Love,
Mom and Dad