Monday, May 16, 2016

Oh, Boy..."16"

Happy Happy Birthday Alec!

I am not sure how 16 years went so fast!
This boy has brought so much laughter, fun
and all things boy into our family.
Alec has always been my "buddy".

I love watching him on the lacrosse field.
So fun, to watch him learn and grow!

Hard to believe that this was him 16 years ago!
So tiny, sweet and cuddly and look at that hair!
We all adored him and still do.
He is quite spoiled being the only boy in our family.

~Loves to read
~Loves to spend time with friends
~Will still say "I LOVE You"
~Loves music
~Very smart
~Loves his sisters
~Has a great sense of humor
~Strong testimony
~Very loyal
~Longest legs ever
~Sour candy is his favorite
~Loves steak and can eat a TON of it
~A friend to all
~Practical joker
~Team player
~Still finds time to bond with me

Dad and I love you dearly!
You are a very special young man.
We are so proud of you and the young man you are becoming.
We are so blessed to be your parents.
We hope this year is full of fun, a lot of firsts and
fabulous memories!
Happy Happy Birthday!

We LOVE you, buddy!
Mom & Dad