Wednesday, March 28, 2012

General Conference

This weekend is General Conference.
It is such an enjoyable weekend.
We get to enjoy fabulous talks,
music and hear from our prophet.

For the ladies that I visit teach,
I made Conference baskets for them
and their families.

The baskets have printed off conference
packets for all ages, popcorn, notebooks
for note taking, chocolate, crackers,
card games, bouncy balls and
other goodies to keep the kiddos
occupied during each session.

Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gilbert Tigers Lacrosse

(Taking a knee during a game)

We have been living, breathing, talking
and going to lacrosse since October.
It has been a very busy season!
We have loved every minute of it!

Look at that face...totally in his element.
Alec has always longed for a BIG brother
or even a brother.
He was on a team with 30 boys.
Pure Heaven for him!

Alec was one of four that were
still in elementary school.
The rest of the team were
7th and 8th graders.
He had a LOT of BIG brothers!

Not only did they practice and play together,
but a few of them would invite him to hang out.
OH, boy!! Cloud nine for Alec!

This picture says it all!

The boys and their families were amazing!
We feel so fortunate to have been a part
of this incredible group.

The coaches were incredible and
Alec has learned so much.
Being his first year in Lacrosse there
was some apprehension.
Alec grew leaps and bounds in his skills
and loved to play in each and every game.

This last weekend was tournament for
the end of the Jr High Lacrosse season.
We played our first game on Wednesday and won.
Play continued on Saturday in Scottsdale,
where we played an amazing team from
Tucson and lost.
That was tough for the boys.
The team had only lost one game all season.

They rallied themselves and went on to win
and make it to the Championship game
to meet the Tucson team again.

The boys played hard!
They played 4 games Saturday
with only a half hour break in between
one of them.

All the work, dedication and coaching paid off.
The Gilbert JHS Tigers are Champions!!
The first State Lacrosse Win for Gilbert!

What a happy team!

Alec had such a fabulous time....
making friends, learning, playing hard
and being part of an incredible team!!

We have cherished memories of
this fabulous Lacrosse season,
numerous BIG brothers for Alec,
and a new passion....

Good Job Gilbert Tigers JHS Team!!
Congratulations on a
13-2 season and
State Champions!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

It is a reality...

The move is really happening.
I have been asked by numerous people lately
where are we going, when are we going, and
do we have a house yet?

This beautiful home is our new home in
Highland, Utah.

We have had a lot of tender mercies
with this move.
We are supposed to move to Utah.
I don't know why.
Other than our Heavenly Father
wants us there.
And so we move forward with
"Faith" knowing that this
is all part of his plan.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New York

Over the last year I have been able to travel with Scott to my favorite City..... New York!  He travels there about every other month and I have made 4 trips with him.  Boy, I LOVE that city.  Scott is surprised that I  have not run out of things to do and see.  But, let me tell ya... I still have a list of things to keep me busy.  Something about the hustle and bustle, walking everywhere and all the sites and sounds.  I just can't get enough!

One of my favorite new stores is C.Wonder. The man behind it is Chris Burch...the ex-husband of famous designer Tory Burch.  His clothing, accessories, housewares, etc...are more reasonably priced.  It just so happened that while we were in the store checking out everything in came Chris Burch himself!  Crazy!!  It was fun to see the man behind the store.  He was like a proud Daddy.  He looked at pieces of jewelry, checked the layout and visited with the workers.  If you ever make it to New York, go to SOHO to C Wonder on Spring Street. It has bright green doors.
 For Valentine's Day, Scott gave me tickets to Mamma Mia on Broadway.  What a night! I had never been to a show on Broadway and I love the music from Mamma Mia.  We had so much fun!  The singing was superb!!  I can't wait to go to my next Broadway show.  We have decided that our new tradition will be that each time we go to New York we will see a show. What shall we see next?

 In all our trips we had never made it to museum mile.  WOWZERS!!  So cool!  The Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art are beautiful structures.  While walking to the museums we took a leisurely walk from our hotel through the upper East side and then over to the museums.  I enjoyed seeing the brownstones, families, nannies and being in a neighborhood. It was quiet, had tree lined streets and little shops everywhere.


We always grab a burger at the famous Shake Shack.  It is always crazy and very difficult to get a seat.  You are usually hoovering over people and waiting to snag their table when they are done.  Not very polite. The last couple of times I have asked people if when they are done if we could have their seats and that seems to work well. Until this time. I asked a guy and his mother if Scott and I could have their seats and they said yes.  When they left I sat on a bar stool and then put my shopping bag on the other one.  Scott was getting our food and headed my way, when out of the blue a guy came up and started yelling at me that I could not place my bag on the stool.  He began to lift up my bag and remove it and I was telling him that my husband was headed with our food.

He proceeded to tell me that it was not acceptable to save seats and that you could not do that.  Scott heard the commotion and rushed over to help me with this aggressive and angry guy.  He told Scott that he needed to get educated.  The guy was very confrontational.  We have never experienced anything like this in all our trips to New York. 

I had a feeling that this was not over and I was right.  When the guy was finished eating he made a point to walk by us and tell us to be careful that you never know who you are dealing with.  Creepy!!  I was very rattled at this point.  I was sure hoping that he was not waiting on the street somewhere for us.  Luckily he wasn't. 

Lessons learned....People nearby do not come to your rescue in New York, there are some really angry people in the world, I need to learn to not react to strangers (usually I don't, but he got me so riled up), Thank Heavens for husbands coming to rescue you.

Our trip was fabulous.  Weather in the 60's, sunshine, lots of good food and I always love traveling with my husband.  I had never been to New York until I was 42 and now I have been 4 times in a year.  So fun! 

Until next time!!