Monday, September 28, 2009

Deep in the Trenches

Motherhood is tricky. We wear many hats, multitask like crazy and wear ourselves thin emotionally, physically and mentally.

Right now I feel like I have been Deep in the Trenches for a very long time. I have not seen sunlight for awhile. Where is that ray of bright sunshine? The one that is to let me know that these trials have passed?

Not only am I a mother to my own 3 children, but I am a mother to 23 Young Women. The work is never done.

Recently I have spent much time in prayer and thought. There have been numerous reasons for this. One of my children going through a difficult emotional time regarding her favorite past time, finding out that another child needs a surgery and yet the other child is overwhelmed, frustrated and trying to make sense out of life.

And then there are 23 others with trials, upsets, troubles and just trying to be a teenager in a crazy world.

You know you are spent when during the primary program you start sobbing during a song that your friend's darling girls are singing. What???? Why then???

The emotions are right on the surface. I could hardly read a story during YW's yesterday and it wasn't a sad story.

I don't claim to have all the answers or solutions. All I can do is my best. It seems as if my best has not been good enough.

There are day's when I am just so tired and worn out. I know Satan is trying to get the best of me. I WILL NOT let him win this battle!

I must keep fighting and get myself out of the trench before the next battle ensues.

And so it continues....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who Knew???

Tuesday afternoon as I entered the car, my arms were full; purse, book, cell phone, keys and a glass of water. You get the picture.

I placed the glass in a cup holder and proceeded to get into my car. As I climbed in and reached over to set my purse on the passenger precious cell phone slid out of my hand and landed in my glass of water. There it sat...submerged in ice water.

As I was driving down the street, I quickly took apart the phone and held it up to the air conditioning vents. Oh, man! I did not want to buy a new phone.

When Jensen got in the car, she told me that you put your phone and its parts in an airtight container buried in rice. Yep! She said rice.

The catch is the phone needs to stay in the rice for 2 -3 days. Oh, Ya!! No phone for me.

I will say it was a little liberating. When I left the house, noone could reach me. So that is what it was like before cell phones. It was a little nice.

I could only hold out until Thursday afternoon. Much to my amazement and surprise...when I put the phone back together, it worked! Yes, sirrreee!!

The phone is working great. So far, no glitches.

All I have to say is...Who Knew???

I love that my teenagers are smarter than me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Smith Happenings

The question I get a lot is...What is happening with your family? With family and friends near and far it is always hard to keep everyone updated on our family. So here it goes!

Kenzie - Very busy with school, swim team, friends, college decisions and catching up on sleep. She loves having her car and the freedom it brings. She has recently figured out that "boys" are losers. Somewhat disappointing for her. She has some fabulous friends! She HATES swim team and really can't wait for it to be over. College decisions are overwhelming at the moment. Her school load is quite heavy, but she is doing excellent! Needless to say she is one busy girl!

Jensen - Enjoying her first year in High School. Although I get the feeling she would rather be home schooled. She has a fun dance class at school with some great girls. Ballet is still her life. Company auditions came and went. Last Saturday she had her Nutcracker audition. She looked beautiful and had a great audition. I don't think anything can top "Clara", but she is ready for a new challenge. Jens is learning to budget her time. She is up at 5:00AM and dances til 9:00PM. Not a lot of time for sleep. So far her most time consuming class is Honors Biology. Jens is rolling well with her crazy schedule.

Alec - Is having a fantastic year in school so far. He loves his teachers ( 3 different ones), has a great time in ALP and has some good friends. His weeks are full of scouts, playing with friends, piano and taunting his sisters. He has become quite the piano player and enjoys playing. He loves music and frequently can be found singing along to a song on itunes. That kid can learn the words to any song. As we find the weather cooling, he will start to venture outside for basketball and golf

It is a busy house, but a happy one. We love our weekends and the somewhat slower pace. We are all healthy, happy and truly blessed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hope after 9/11

* credit to my friend Kara for sharing this great video. Thanks!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

~the pain~

The hardest part about being a parent is seeing your kids hurt from disappointment. The pain comes in all forms...friends, grades, sports, auditions, poor choices, etc... As a parent, you can feel their pain. And man, it hurts! It is even worse to see them try to cope with the feelings and emotions.

Life is full of disappointments and let downs. How does a parent ease the pain for a child? As much as I hurt for my children and wish I could take away their pain. I can only imagine what the Savior felt and endured.

The roller coaster of life has so many ups and downs, highs and lows. Its all about weathering the storms.

As I tried to console a child tonight; we talked about the positives, how we each have different paths, how this can be used positively and then I saw them. The big crocodile tears slowly rolling down the cheeks. There it was..."the pain."

I wanted to shield my child, protect them and take away all of the gut wrenching pain.

As I watch and help with the healing process, I know my child will come out stronger, smarter and blessed for enduring this trial. Time and tender mercies will help heal the wounds.

As I reflect on the events of this day, I can't help but think of the Savior and all he endured for each of us. The pain he felt on our behalf and his ultimate sacrifice.

The tears will dry, the pain will soften and eventually disappear. Until then; the tissues are close by, prayers are being said and the healing process is beginning.