Tuesday, June 1, 2010

let's not forget...

Here is a recap of some of the festivities and activities over the last month.

This lovely 17 year old graduated from High School...
a year early.
Way to go girlie!!
Grammy and Papa came to town for the occasion.

Kenzie, Jensen, Jenna and I went peach picking in Queen Creek.

Pinewood Derby
Alec won for his Bear Den and took 2nd overall.
It was very exciting for him...the best car "money" can buy.
Boys are crazy!
These two beauties wanted to attend Senior Prom,
so they went together and had a blast!
Alec turned 10!
What a handsome boy.
He also gave a speech at academic night.
Unfortunately my camera battery was dead.
He did fabulous!
We are so proud of you Alec!

Summer has begun.
Jens and I are off to the mountains for Girl's Camp.
Kenzie started college and wants to "claw her eyes out."
Alec is attending basketball camp and loving it!
In a week we will be playing in the pool, going to movies, hanging out in PJ's,
doing a little deep cleaning, playing games, relaxing and enjoying one another.
Boy, I LOVE summer and having my kids home!