Tuesday, June 1, 2010

let's not forget...

Here is a recap of some of the festivities and activities over the last month.

This lovely 17 year old graduated from High School...
a year early.
Way to go girlie!!
Grammy and Papa came to town for the occasion.

Kenzie, Jensen, Jenna and I went peach picking in Queen Creek.

Pinewood Derby
Alec won for his Bear Den and took 2nd overall.
It was very exciting for him...the best car "money" can buy.
Boys are crazy!
These two beauties wanted to attend Senior Prom,
so they went together and had a blast!
Alec turned 10!
What a handsome boy.
He also gave a speech at academic night.
Unfortunately my camera battery was dead.
He did fabulous!
We are so proud of you Alec!

Summer has begun.
Jens and I are off to the mountains for Girl's Camp.
Kenzie started college and wants to "claw her eyes out."
Alec is attending basketball camp and loving it!
In a week we will be playing in the pool, going to movies, hanging out in PJ's,
doing a little deep cleaning, playing games, relaxing and enjoying one another.
Boy, I LOVE summer and having my kids home!


HELLO my name is Jill said...

i didn't know you could peach pick in Queen Creek!! is it too late for me? anyways i was wondering where your daughter dances? i might put my girls in if they're willing to do ballet and the place we go now pretty much specializes in jazz and I'd rather go somewhere thats great at ballet. I've been looking at jeanne's school of dance but just wanted to see where you like.


Brandee said...

We picked peaches at Schnepf farms. I do believe peach season is over. Jensen dances with Ballet Etudes. They are just now opening their own studio. They are having some summer classes start on June 14th. Ballet Etudes is ALL ballet. They have fabulous instructors, the Nutcracker is so fun to do. I will call you and chat. Great to hear from you.

HELLO my name is Jill said...

that sounds perfect. i am going to look them up! I adore the nutcracker, such a great tradition. Thanks for the info :) call anytime.

Jaime said...

Lurking... ;) Found your blog by visiting The Simas' Family blog. I just want to say what a beautiful family you have. I am very impressed with your oldest daughter graduating a year early. If it is not to nosey to ask, did she taking additional summer or online course? My oldest is starting high school in August, and I really want to help him set some goals... =)

Brandee said...

Hi Jaime,

My daughter decided that High School wasn't her thing half way through her sophmore year. She had already taken 2 "A" hour classes; so we had her take online classes for her junior year. She completed her junior year in 6 months. It was very ambitious of her. Then her Senior year we had her take dual credit classes (the class counts as high school credit and college) to help her accumulate some college credits. Not every kid would like this or be able to do this. This is what worked for her.

I do love the flexibility of online classes and I think that dual credit classes are so great for those going to college.

I hope this helps.

Jaime said...

Thank you! And I am so sorry for my typing errors! I swear I can speak and type - generally! ;)

It's my son who is entering into HS in August... and I already know that we are going to have a tough 4 years (well, if middle school was any indication). I am so glad that online courses are available these days. I am highly recommending he take all of the online/summer school classes he can - just to get the credits out of the way. I know with my daughter, she will be an overachiever and take the courses for totally different reasons. =)

Taking online courses takes a lot of dedication - you should be very proud!

Anna said...

Brandee, thanks for your comment. I enjoyed catching up on your blog. I love your All the Places You'll Go idea! I hope you're soaking in that time with your family and enjoying a great summer. I know I am.