Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Leaving the nest

 The time has come for Kenzie to "leave the nest."
We have been running around town getting
everything for her apartment, packing up her room
and doing last minute crafts.

I have been soaking up every minute that I can
with this AMAZING young woman!
Man, will I miss her!!
I can't believe how time flew by.

Kenzie has done incredible things in
the year since she graduated High School.
This week she completed her
Associates Degree.
Yes, sir! She did it in 1 year!

Friday we head out in her little SUV
for BYU!
Wish us luck and
think of me as I spend the next
6 days in tears as
my little girl goes out on her own.

Love you Kenzie!
You will be awesome at the "Y"

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~Sweet 16~

Look who is "16" today!!
Oh, boy is she excited!!
Driving, dating, driving and dating.
Such a fun time!

Jensen, you light up our family.
With those sparkly blue eyes, big smile
and never ending witty comments.
You are a bubble of energy.
Always going, doing and moving.

We LOVE you!
You love life!
You have a strong testimony of the gospel.
You hold true to your standards.
You are a great example to all
around you.

Ever since you could walk...
you have been on your toes.
As a little girl you walked on your toes
and now you dance on your toes.
We love watching you dance.
You are simply beautiful!
Your expressions, arms and
movements tell a story.

We are so proud of you.
Thank you for being our daughter.
It is an honor to be your parents.
Keep embracing life, working hard
and going after your dreams.
You will always be our "Beaner".
Mom and Dad

Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Number 29!

Happy Birthday mother dearest!!!!!

In order to say happy birthday to our wonderful mom, we hacked her blog to say how much we love and appreciate her. Even though it is not her 29th birthday (more like 42nd!) like the title says, she is super fun to hang out with and gets along well with her 2 teenage kids! We love how willing she is to help with anything. You name it, and she will try her hardest to do it! Madre is creative beyond belief and the best with school projects or any other possible craft she can get her hands on. She is supportive of everything we do, and encourages us to fight hard and keep going when things get tough. We love her and the things she does to keep the family strong, and the great spritual rock she is in this family. I think it goes without saying that you rock mom!!! We love you lots. Have an awesome birthday!!!
         Your kids

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


from this

What a big day at our house!
Kenzie is 18 today!!
We thought it would be a long time
before she became 18 and
here we are.
How quickly the time flew!

Kenzie is a beautiful young woman.
She has strong convictions that
she never wavers from.
She is loving, nurturing,
always willing to help and pitch in.
She has a great sense of humor!

She loves being with her family.
Kenzie is extremely intelligent
and loves school.

Kenzie has earned the nickname...
"child whisperer."
Kids are drawn to her.
She is fabulous with the little ones
and this will help her when
she becomes a teacher in
a year and a half.

We are so very proud of Kenzie.
She has accomplished so much
in 18 years.
She has a strong testimony,
she is grounded and knows
what she wants in life.

We are lucky to be her parents
and have the privilege of
raising such a great
young woman.

We LOVE you!
You are a blessing in
our lives!
Thank you for being such
a wonderful daughter!
Have a fabulous birthday!
We will miss you so very much
when you move in two and a half weeks.
Love, Mom and Dad