Tuesday, April 5, 2011


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What a big day at our house!
Kenzie is 18 today!!
We thought it would be a long time
before she became 18 and
here we are.
How quickly the time flew!

Kenzie is a beautiful young woman.
She has strong convictions that
she never wavers from.
She is loving, nurturing,
always willing to help and pitch in.
She has a great sense of humor!

She loves being with her family.
Kenzie is extremely intelligent
and loves school.

Kenzie has earned the nickname...
"child whisperer."
Kids are drawn to her.
She is fabulous with the little ones
and this will help her when
she becomes a teacher in
a year and a half.

We are so very proud of Kenzie.
She has accomplished so much
in 18 years.
She has a strong testimony,
she is grounded and knows
what she wants in life.

We are lucky to be her parents
and have the privilege of
raising such a great
young woman.

We LOVE you!
You are a blessing in
our lives!
Thank you for being such
a wonderful daughter!
Have a fabulous birthday!
We will miss you so very much
when you move in two and a half weeks.
Love, Mom and Dad

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