Monday, May 16, 2011

not so little anymore....

Happy Birthday

Alec is not a little boy any longer.

Today he turns 11!
He has become a handsome young man
and is getting taller by the minute.

Alec loves to play board games, video games, card games; basically
any type of game.
Alec is tender hearted.
Alec is always the first one to give hugs and say "I love you."
He is very smart and learning comes easy to him.
Alec is the jokester/prankster at the house.
Alec is very close to his sisters.
He is very aware when I have a bad day or need help.
He loves to teach our FHE lessons.
Alec gives great talks at school or church.
Alec loves basketball!
He loves to go to the movies or snuggle in at home and watch one.
He wishes he had a younger sibling.
He is very responsible.
Alec loves to read books and reads them very quickly.
Alec is caring and compassionate.

Alec is the only boy at our house and the caboose.
His sisters have adored him from the get-go.
Alec, you are an amazing young man!
We are so proud of you and thankful
that you came to our family.
We hope you have a faulous birthday!
Thank you for being such a fabulous son.
Mom and Dad