Monday, January 26, 2009

What gives?

I can't believe the weekend went by so quickly. Did we have fun? Did Scott and I go out? Was there any family time with all 5 of us?

It seems our life has become crazy!! Is that what happens when you get teenagers?

Let's recap...Friday; 3 kids, 3 different places within 3 hours. Scott and I did grab some Costa Vida in between the dropoffs and pickups. The line was huge and I was so hungry! Saturday; Scott at a conference first thing in the morning. Get Alec from friends, go to bball pictures, meet Scott at bball game. Go to dance studio for Jensen, run some errands, help Kenzie get ready for friends coming over, pick up Jensen, grab dinner, hurry and eat, friends over. Spend night watching a movie in our bedroom as the downstairs was full of giggling teenage girls. Sunday; Scott at meetings, church, run Jensen home to go to ballet audition, back to church, Scott stays for financial stuff, lunch, homework and the day is over.

I am exhausted just recapping. I guess that is why I chose balance this year to work on. Apparently I need it! Any ideas on how to juggle all the stuff that bombards our lives?

I am thinking we need to get out of town for some serious family time. Perhaps that little trip to Tucson will be just the ticket.

I am grateful for my quiet Monday's. I can regroup, catch up on blogs and get ready for the busy week ahead.

What a crazy life we live!

Monday, January 19, 2009


The Wham Basketball season is upon us. Alec has played 2 games and is having a great time. He was fortunate to get on a fantastic team. This is the first year that Scott has not coached and it is a little different for all of us.

Scott is enjoying watching the games and Alec is learning a lot from his coach and teammates. Being in 3rd grade, this is the first year that fouls are called, score is kept and the coaches have to stay on the bench. There are some challenges to this format.

The boys have figured out that winning is FUN! Saturday they checked the score nonstop. We played a great team and they kept the boys hustling the entire game. So far we have lost one game and won one game. Its all about having fun isn't it?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Super Bowl Here We Come!

Way to go Cardinals!! WOW!!! What a game!
No one thought they could do it.
Well, we proved them wrong. It is very exciting to have
your home team going to the Super Bowl.
Don't ever doubt the underdogs.
You just never know what can happen.
I really can't wait for the Super Bowl now!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Lion King

What can I say other than WOW!! This is the most amazing show. The cast is so very talented, costumes are AMAZING and you are entertained for over 2 hours. It is so worth it to go and see!

Alec got the aisle seat and every usher kept telling him he had the best seat in the house. We had NO idea what they were talking about. Until the show started. Throughout the whole show characters and animals dance and sing down the aisles. Alec could have touched them. When the Hyenas came down, Mackenzie and Alec were scared to death. The Hyenas have these big heads and they were able to turn them right at Mackenzie and Alec. They were not expecting that.

It was such a fun evening for the whole family. I HIGHLY recommend this show. It is worth every penny and has left us singing "HAKUNA MATATA" for the last couple of days.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


With the new year upon us, I decided to adopt a tradition from a couple of friends. At the start of a new year they pick a word that they want to work on. This year I have chosen Balance. With two teenagers, an 8 yr old boy, a busy husband and my crazy life I figured balance is what I need this year. Why? Where do I begin?

I love to workout. It is "my" time. I get to release and work out any frustrations or stress. It is important to me. That is my sacred time. With that being said, it also occupies a lot of time. It takes a lot of time to get in cardio each day and weight train 2 x's a week. There are times I feel guilty for spending that time on myself. There are always plenty of other things that I could or should be doing. That is why I need to balance.

Kids! Carpools, dance, piano, swim, scouts, basketball, golf, shopping, ortho appointments, Dr. appointments, friends, movies, etc... Perhaps another driver in the house will help achieve some balance in this area.

One week ago I received a new calling in our ward. The moment I was asked to be Young Women's President I felt the pressure of this important stewardship. I also felt extremely humbled and inadequate. Such an important calling. We have great Young Women in our ward. I feel so honored to serve them.

As I pondered what my word for the year would be there was no question in my mind that balance was what I needed. Balance in scheduling, words, actions, service, being a mom, wife, friend, leader and a daughter of God. I cannot feel guilty for working out. That will help me stay focused and stress free. The laundry will still be there and I will find the time to do it. I want each moment and day in "2009" to count. Whether it be bonding with the family, serving in the church, learning to golf, cleaning house, going on vacation, playing a game or just hanging out. I realize that I need to put ME on my list each day in order for their to be some balance in my life. I have to prioritize and take each day as it comes. There will be days where I get a lot accomplished and then there will be days where I will go to lunch with friends and shop. Its all about balance.

So, here I go. Embracing "2009", my new responsibilities and trying to achieve balance. I am hoping I can do this with a little grace, some gentle reminders from my family and a lot of new memories.

Monday, January 5, 2009

19 Glorious Years

Happy Anniversary!!

19 years ago today Scott and I were married in the Boise, Idaho Temple. WOW!! Where does the time go? We were so young and cute. I am so lucky to have this guy.

  • Thank you for your patience. You know me better than anyone else.
  • You are my best friend. We started as friends and we still are. I love spending time with you.
  • You crack me up. Its a good thing you get my sarcasm and humor.
  • You keep me grounded and bring out the best in me. We truly are a perfect fit.

I can't believe 19 years have gone by. I am truly blest to have you in my life. I cannot imagine my life without you. Thank you for choosing me to be your eternal companion. I am so excited for the next 19 years.