Monday, January 26, 2009

What gives?

I can't believe the weekend went by so quickly. Did we have fun? Did Scott and I go out? Was there any family time with all 5 of us?

It seems our life has become crazy!! Is that what happens when you get teenagers?

Let's recap...Friday; 3 kids, 3 different places within 3 hours. Scott and I did grab some Costa Vida in between the dropoffs and pickups. The line was huge and I was so hungry! Saturday; Scott at a conference first thing in the morning. Get Alec from friends, go to bball pictures, meet Scott at bball game. Go to dance studio for Jensen, run some errands, help Kenzie get ready for friends coming over, pick up Jensen, grab dinner, hurry and eat, friends over. Spend night watching a movie in our bedroom as the downstairs was full of giggling teenage girls. Sunday; Scott at meetings, church, run Jensen home to go to ballet audition, back to church, Scott stays for financial stuff, lunch, homework and the day is over.

I am exhausted just recapping. I guess that is why I chose balance this year to work on. Apparently I need it! Any ideas on how to juggle all the stuff that bombards our lives?

I am thinking we need to get out of town for some serious family time. Perhaps that little trip to Tucson will be just the ticket.

I am grateful for my quiet Monday's. I can regroup, catch up on blogs and get ready for the busy week ahead.

What a crazy life we live!

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stacey said...

Anytime you want to come up and visit, we'd love to have you. Of course 3 boys and a sassy 3 year old may not be your idea of relaxation!

Love you and miss you! Stacey