Friday, July 27, 2012


I LOVE the Olympics!
I always have.

I am so excited to watch all
of the events.
The athletes amaze me!
Years of training come down
to this one moment.

Go USA!!

Ever wonder what it is like
from a mother's perspective?
Here is a lovely video 
in their honor.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

one month...

it has been one month since we made the move.
i wish i could say that it has been easy.
we got unpacked and somewhat settled within a week...
i am not someone who likes boxes, and craziness.
so, within a week we had unpacked and had pictures
on the walls and had our first guests.

it seems that everyone is adjusting pretty well,
except for me. i am still struggling.
change does not come easy for me.
i know it will take time and i am trying
to be patient. some days are easier
than others and i keep telling myself...

"I can do hard things"
"It will all work out"

i have to be patient and i try
to keep myself busy each day.

my heart still longs for Arizona.