Monday, May 16, 2016

Oh, Boy..."16"

Happy Happy Birthday Alec!

I am not sure how 16 years went so fast!
This boy has brought so much laughter, fun
and all things boy into our family.
Alec has always been my "buddy".

I love watching him on the lacrosse field.
So fun, to watch him learn and grow!

Hard to believe that this was him 16 years ago!
So tiny, sweet and cuddly and look at that hair!
We all adored him and still do.
He is quite spoiled being the only boy in our family.

~Loves to read
~Loves to spend time with friends
~Will still say "I LOVE You"
~Loves music
~Very smart
~Loves his sisters
~Has a great sense of humor
~Strong testimony
~Very loyal
~Longest legs ever
~Sour candy is his favorite
~Loves steak and can eat a TON of it
~A friend to all
~Practical joker
~Team player
~Still finds time to bond with me

Dad and I love you dearly!
You are a very special young man.
We are so proud of you and the young man you are becoming.
We are so blessed to be your parents.
We hope this year is full of fun, a lot of firsts and
fabulous memories!
Happy Happy Birthday!

We LOVE you, buddy!
Mom & Dad

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy 21st!

This beautiful girl is 21 today!!
Happy Happy Birthday Jensen!

She is so smart!
Fiercely independent!
Has always been strong willed!
Has all sorts of factoids and movie quotes stored in her brain.
Very determined
Hard working!
Has a great love for the gospel
LOVES her sister and brother
Is passionate about ballet
Has strong convictions
Great sense of humor/sarcasm
LOVES ice cream and potato chips
Loves all kinds of music
Is an amazing peacemaker
Has a fabulous outlook and perspective
Always been a fashionista
She is a foodie!
Loves to read

Dad and I LOVE you and are so proud of you!
You have become an incredible woman!
Happy Birthday!
Mom and Dad

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

Happy Happy Birthday!!

It's this beautiful daughter's birthday! 
What a special woman she is!

She is an amazing big sister to Jensen and Alec.
She puts all she has into her 3rd grade class.
She loves those kids, goes the extra mile to make learning
fun, and would do anything for them.
She has a big heart and cares deeply for others.
She is a strong/independent woman!
Has a huge love for the gospel and her Savior.
Love her humor and sarcasm.
She has always worked hard at anything she does.
She has grown and matured into an incredible woman!
She is fiercely loyal.
She is always willing to help out.

We are so proud of Mackenzie!
She is an incredible daughter.
We are so blessed to be her parents!
Have a fabulous day!
We Love you!
Mom and Dad

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

26 Years

26 years ago on a snowy and cold January morning, Scott and I were sealed
in the Boise, Idaho Temple.
We were babies. So in love and very excited for our life together!
Not much has changed.  We are no longer babies, but
we are more in love and love our life together.
My life wouldn't be complete without Scott by my side.
He is my best friend, confidant, therapist, motivator, calms my fears,
boasts my self esteem, the greatest provider, husband and father.

It has been an amazing 26 years!
Many ups and some downs, but we have done it together!
I'm excited for many more years with this guy!
I Love You Scott!