Friday, February 26, 2010

So Thoughtful

It seems I have a secret friend...

I came home last night from the Blue and Gold Banquet

to see my front door like this.

It brought a smile to my face.

It was so nice and thoughtful.

This week has probably been one of the worst weeks of my life.

Thank You for thinking of me friend!

~Week in Review~

What a week!
It started Monday with the YW Camp Fundraiser.
We hold a Ward Family Home Evening with
dinner, dessert and lesson.
It is always well attended and the
ward is so generous.

Boy, was I glad Monday night when that was over.
A lot of work, but so fun for the ward.

I love this picture of Alec.
I took it last Saturday at his game.
It shows how far he has come in basketball this year.
Aggressive and committed 100% to getting the ball.
Although he got a foul, I LOVED it!
*Kenzie is still pondering college decisions.
*Jensen is suffering with a nasty ear infection and sinus infection.
*Scott is now playing basketball 3 nights a week.
*Ward FHE night, Blue and Gold Banquet.
*Alec has had a lot of projects...birdhouse for Scouts, book report, ALP story.
*Tuesday and Wednesday were late starts for the girls.
*LOTS of YW stuff
*Book Club
*Olympics, Olympics, Olympics (can't get enough)
*Hot Yoga, spinning and weights
*Talking about summer plans, birthdays and a graduation.
*Getting Scott ready to spend next week in Jackson Hole
Another busy week. YEAH for the weekend!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Come on...give me a break!

It seems we have been on the rollercoaster called....Doctor visits. This ride goes back to October. Kenzie and Alec both had little surgeries. Then we became regulars at the doctor's office and Urgent care.

Alec has had strep 3 times and a sinus infection since October. Scott had a sinus infection, Kenzie had respiratory problems and all this from a family that never visits the doctor.

Last Monday I had Alec at the doctor getting diagnosed with strep for the 3rd time and now today I had Jensen home and we made a little trip to Urgent Care. She is now on antibiotics for sinus infection and an ear infection.

I was always so proud at how healthy we were. What gives this winter????

I now know where all my extra spending money has gone...copays and antibiotics.

It is time for this family to be healthy again. Enough already!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This just in.....

It is official
Mackenzie has been accepted to BYU!!
We are so excited and proud of her.
What an accomplishment.

Now the hard part....

Do you let a 17 year old go away to college?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

From our house to yours
Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Family Room Decor

Now, this is not your usual family room decor. A month ago we bought a spinning bike for the home. We put it together and it has stayed in the same place for a month. The plan was to take the bike upstairs with the rest of the workout equipment. HMMMM.

This kid LIVES on this bike. He no longer sits in a chair or on the couch. Every free minute is spent on the bike pedaling. I mean EVERY minute!

Here he is this morning after breakfast before school. On the bike.

Look at that face. He is serious and I love the fact that he is barefoot and flipped the pedal over not to use the cage.

I think it is great how much exercise the kid is getting, but is there ever too much? There is also the fact that I think this bike is quite the eyesore in my family room. What to do?

Perhaps he is the next Lance Armstrong!!

On another note I have to document a HUGE accomplishment for me. In September I injured my back and had to stop running. Running was a part of my life, it was an early morning ritual. Well, here we are the middle of February and I still had not been able to run. Until....this morning. I have been feeling great! Pain free and yoga has done so much good for my back and overall body.

I decided to test the streets again. I went for a 3 mile run. That may not seem long to some of you, but this morning it felt like a marathon. Indeed I was much slower, but I found my groove and I was able to run 3 miles. YIPPEEEE!!! I wanted to jump up and down and shout. It had been 4 1/2 months since I had been able to do this.

The back felt great! No pain what so ever and it was fabulous to hit the pavement with my IPOD in my ears. It had been way too long.

Yoga has strengthened my back and is now a part of my exercise routine. I am addicted!! And now I am able to put running back into the routine. I am one happy lady!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Trip

This picture says it all....
Snow, YM/YW and a weekend.

Snow Igloo
Good Friends

Make shift snow boarding..
picnic table, man-made run
and they were happy as could be.

Goofy boys!

Julie got in on the sledding action!

Kenzie and Jenna

Tanner snow boarding

Justin snow boarding

It was a great trip. We had fabulous accommodations.
Ate fantastic food, had fun and came home exhausted!
I would say it was a success!!


Way to go!!
A little fist bump his smile!

Warming up

The last month we have been full swing into WHAM basketball. Alec loves it! He is learning a lot, having fun and making new friends.
This year the games have gotten pretty physical and aggressive. Alec is not an aggressive boy, so it has been interesting to see him try and figure out his role on the court.
Saturday he made a couple of shots, YEAH! He is learning to set screens, guard two boys and keep his eye on the ball at all times.
Scott has been great to come home and help him with some pointers and tips. They even go over to the church to play together.


This is one of my new favorite traditions. Thank you Shawni.

This year the kids really got into writing a personal and special message on each heart. They really opened up and expressed themselves.

Kenzie thanked me for our open relationship, Jensen thanked Kenzie for letting her tag along with her and her friends, Alec thanked everyone for playing with him and as parents we put what we love about each of our children.

They are beautiful messages and I love reading them several times a day. This was a great family night activity.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So, this is our life....

Like most families, we are busy, going in different directions and trying to have precious family time. As a new year has started and we have changes up ahead, I wanted to record what is happening in our home right now.

*Mackenzie accepted to BYU-I, awaiting news from BYU. She doesn't know if she is staying for community college for the 1st year or going away.

*Mackenzie now teaches Alec piano. Every Sunday morning he has a lesson. I love seeing the two of them working together at the piano.

*Alec is playing WHAM basketball, plays the piano and loves Scouts. Brother and Sister Muehlmann are fabulous.

*Jensen still lives to dance. After 4 months of Nutcracker, mid-January brought Cinderella rehearsals. She is a stepsister and thrilled to death with the part.

*Jensen is learning to drive at the church parking lot. She is very nervous with driving a car.

*Mackenzie has some great friends...Jenna and Amanda.

*Alec enjoys having friends over, Cole and Drew are the usual ones. Bernardo is his good friend at school.

*4th grade has brought many new challenges for Alec. He loves ALP, is pretty responsible and is totally a boy (gets distracted easily).

*Kenzie and I go to yoga several times a week.

*The family loves the spinning bike we purchased. I just want it out of the family room.

*Being YW's President is keeping me really busy.

*We are blessed..good kids, healthy family, great friends, great life and so many more blessings.

*Monday's are our one night we are home together, that is after Kenzie and I return from yoga.

*The weeks are full of dance, yoga, basketball, scouts, YW's, Scott's basketball, meetings, book club, homework, piano and whatever else trickles in.

*Scott has been at his job the longest ever. This is a record!

*Alec loves to play games.

*Jensen is too busy for a social life.

*Mackenzie lives for her "friend" time.

*Scott and I watch "24" with the girls, Alec loves "Biggest Loser", we all love "Glee" and the weekends are usually a fight for the family room TV.

So, this is our life....