Wednesday, February 3, 2010

So, this is our life....

Like most families, we are busy, going in different directions and trying to have precious family time. As a new year has started and we have changes up ahead, I wanted to record what is happening in our home right now.

*Mackenzie accepted to BYU-I, awaiting news from BYU. She doesn't know if she is staying for community college for the 1st year or going away.

*Mackenzie now teaches Alec piano. Every Sunday morning he has a lesson. I love seeing the two of them working together at the piano.

*Alec is playing WHAM basketball, plays the piano and loves Scouts. Brother and Sister Muehlmann are fabulous.

*Jensen still lives to dance. After 4 months of Nutcracker, mid-January brought Cinderella rehearsals. She is a stepsister and thrilled to death with the part.

*Jensen is learning to drive at the church parking lot. She is very nervous with driving a car.

*Mackenzie has some great friends...Jenna and Amanda.

*Alec enjoys having friends over, Cole and Drew are the usual ones. Bernardo is his good friend at school.

*4th grade has brought many new challenges for Alec. He loves ALP, is pretty responsible and is totally a boy (gets distracted easily).

*Kenzie and I go to yoga several times a week.

*The family loves the spinning bike we purchased. I just want it out of the family room.

*Being YW's President is keeping me really busy.

*We are blessed..good kids, healthy family, great friends, great life and so many more blessings.

*Monday's are our one night we are home together, that is after Kenzie and I return from yoga.

*The weeks are full of dance, yoga, basketball, scouts, YW's, Scott's basketball, meetings, book club, homework, piano and whatever else trickles in.

*Scott has been at his job the longest ever. This is a record!

*Alec loves to play games.

*Jensen is too busy for a social life.

*Mackenzie lives for her "friend" time.

*Scott and I watch "24" with the girls, Alec loves "Biggest Loser", we all love "Glee" and the weekends are usually a fight for the family room TV.

So, this is our life....

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