Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


With our busy schedules this summer our only time to get away as a family was the fourth of July weekend. So, we loaded the car, grabbed Jenna and hit the road for California.

The kids and I had never been to Santa Barbara and Scott wanted us to see how beautiful it is. Scott found a hotel between Malibu and Santa Barbara. We stayed in Agoura Hills right at the start of the Malibu Canyon. The weather was 60-70. Santa Barbara was a little chilly and windy.

They were not sure they wanted to get wet.
Santa Barbara

Yeah!!! We are at the beach!

Father and son

Dancing on the beach

What trip isn't complete without....Coldstone Ice Cream

On the fourth we went into LA.
Showing a little American pride...only in LA

I am not sure how this happened, but our Alec is a LAKERS fan.
Oh, boy did this make his trip.
Staples Center

He LOVES the Lakers!

Best Friends in Beverly Hills

We drove through Malibu canyon, past Pepperdine University
and this is what was waiting for us.

There were warnings on this day about the waves.
We had over 4 foot waves. They were huge and
brought the tide clear up on the beach.
Beach beauties

It was a great get away. There is just something about being on a relaxing. We saw a lot, ate a lot and had so much fun!