Monday, June 13, 2011

the week ahead...

~Get Scott ready to leave...his weekly Utah trip.
~Get my Dad's Father's day gift ready to send.
~Get Scott's Father's day gift

~Spend 2 days here with Alec and friends.

~Send Alec on his first scouting camp out.
~ Attend a wedding reception.

~Saturday Scott and Kenzie will arrive home...
Woo Hoo!!
Kenzie is taking finals this week and
will be taking the summer off.
It will be great to have her back
with the family.
Oh, how we have missed her!!

What a week it will be!

Les Miserables

Scott, Jensen and I had a great evening of
bonding....Gecko Grill and
Les Miserables.
What a fabulous production.
Man, oh man can they sing!

It was a lot of fun to be with Jensen.
We had some great discussions.
We are so fortunate to get to
experience things like this.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This year Alec got two birthday celebrations.
Scott had to fly to London on his actual birthday.
So, we celebrated all weekend long.

On his actual birthday with
his tower of gifts and
the yummy cheese balls
that his sisters gave him.

Brownie Sundae
His all time favorite.

What could an 11 year old
be so excited about?!

a cell phone, of course!

His sisters died that he got a
cell phone at 11.
I guess it pays to be the youngest
or have your dad gone on your birthday.
Hard to believe that my little boy
is 11 and entering the 6th grade.
Alec is such a fun boy!
I love you buddy!!

Sleeping Beauty

Jensen danced in
Sleeping Beauty
in May.
It was a beautiful production.

 Here she is in her tutu for

 Look at all the cute girls that came
to support her.

The cast of Sleeping Beauty.
Thank you to everyone that came
and saw the production.
We appreciate all your support!
Ballet Etudes is simply amazing!

Look who is driving...not

Look at this happy face and jump!
What a big day.
Jensen became an official
driver on April 14th.

Not so fast chica...
On May 11th
Jensen wrecked on her
way to school.

Poor car....
Poor Jensen.
It was a hard life lesson.
And a costly one.
noone was hurt.
Just a bruised ego.

April Birthdays

Jensen turned "16" in April.
She got a piece of Tiffany jewelry.

 Her Birthday dessert....
Lemon Berry Trifle

 Sweet Sixteen Roses

My Birthday is in between my girls 

My favorite flowers...

 Kenzie turned "18" in April
and left for college

 Our tradition...
tower of birthday gifts

 A cool new camera for the
college girl

April is crazy.
We have 3 birthdays in 7 days.
Busy and expensive.