Monday, August 29, 2011


 This weekend Scott and I were in Walnut Creek, Ca.  His sweet Grandma passed away.
We all called her GGma.

She lived a full life...95 years old. 

All the handsome grandsons and grandson-in laws were pallbearer's.

GGma loved the color pink.

She was a fabulous lady.
Always made sure she had her lipstick on and nails polished.
When you would visit her she would make sure to treat you
 to sourdough bread and homemade jam.
She loved to send birthday cards and always wanted to
know what was happening in your life.

She will be missed, but oh how happy she must be
to be reunited with her husband and other family members.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ALERT....extreme crankiness

Record yesterday....114!
What?! In late August. You have to be kidding.
The kiddos can't have recess, the pool is 96,
both our AC's quit working, so that made it
90 upstairs and 87 downstairs.
Hence, the Extreme Crankiness.

They say it is a dry heat.
Who cares! It is way too hot for anything!
Boys are trying to have football practice...crazy.
There is nothing pleasant about this weather.
We have had a heat warning all week and they
have now extended it through Friday night.

Gotta love AZ this time of year!

Friday, August 12, 2011


In life it is inevitable that there will be change.
I do not like change nor do I adapt well to change.
That makes this past year hard...real hard!
We have had LOTS of changes and we
are still having LOTS of changes.

For the past month we have spent a lot of
time in discussion, prayer and fasting with Jensen.
Jensen came to a cross road in July.
She was reevaluating life and choices.
With moving looming in the not too distant future,
Jensen was beginning to realize how much life
was already changing.

This week Jensen decided that she was done
doing ballet on a pre-professional level.
Last night she informed Ballet Etudes
that she would not be returning.
Not an easy decision...
especially since she has been dancing
at this level since she was 8 years old.

It saddens me that we will not
get to see her dance in another
Ballet Etudes production.
This has been such a huge part
of our lives for a very long time.
Ballet Etudes has been a second family to Jensen.

It is a hard transition to make.
I feel as if a hole has been left.
I know Jensen will miss expressing herself
through ballet, her ballet friends and teachers
and most of all performing!
But, at this time this will allow her
time to adapt to moving, time with friends
and not being so VERY busy.
This is her Senior year and we all
know how busy it is being a senior in High School.

So we bid a fond farewell to ballet
and all that it brought into our lives.
Who knows what is in store for Jensen.
I am proud of her and how she went about
making this difficult decision.
Her ability to discuss it with Scott and I
and going to Sharon to inform her of her decision.
Very mature and responsible.

Thank you to everyone who has supported
Jensen through her ballet endeavors...
friends, family, ward members, teachers
and Ballet Etudes.