Friday, November 1, 2013

This is it!

Today is the day!  I am having my final surgery!
I enter this with mixed emotions.
Excited to be at this point, can't believe it is finally here,
scared to be having surgery again, hopeful that the
outcome will be what I want, blessed to have an
incredible and amazing plastic surgeon...Dr. Mark Jensen
and the most fabulous husband who has been there
every step of the way.

Through this journey I have had to remind myself
that "Things will work out".
I believe in my doctor, I have faith that my
Heavenly Father is watching over me and
has a plan for me and I have tried to be happy.
I have been strengthened and comforted by
the countless prayers on my behalf. 

Dr. Mark Jensen is such a caring doctor.
This week at his office he held a lunch in honor
of those patients who are fighting, surviving or
are a previvor of breast cancer.
It was a great experience to be around all those
incredible women.  

Today is the final step in the reconstruction process.
Nine weeks ago I had my first surgery.
Due to an amazing recovery I am
able to have this next surgery so soon.
This is called the expander exchange.
The expanders will be replaced with implants 
(no more foobies!),
Dr. Jensen will do some lipo so that the fat may be
used to help contour and fill where I no longer have tissue.
I will also be receiving a mastopexy (lift).
It is a total makeover.  I am anxious to
see the final results. Dr. Jensen is excited
for this surgery and the outcome.
Recovery should be much easier and shorter.
I have been reassured that the worst is over.
There is always a worry about infection, rejection
or some other complication, but Dr. Jensen feels
that all should go smoothly.

What a roller coaster ride of six months! 
Can't wait to see my final results.

Thank you everyone for all the love, support,
prayers, cards, flowers, and food.
I have such fabulous friends, family, neighbors
and ward members.