Friday, February 26, 2010

~Week in Review~

What a week!
It started Monday with the YW Camp Fundraiser.
We hold a Ward Family Home Evening with
dinner, dessert and lesson.
It is always well attended and the
ward is so generous.

Boy, was I glad Monday night when that was over.
A lot of work, but so fun for the ward.

I love this picture of Alec.
I took it last Saturday at his game.
It shows how far he has come in basketball this year.
Aggressive and committed 100% to getting the ball.
Although he got a foul, I LOVED it!
*Kenzie is still pondering college decisions.
*Jensen is suffering with a nasty ear infection and sinus infection.
*Scott is now playing basketball 3 nights a week.
*Ward FHE night, Blue and Gold Banquet.
*Alec has had a lot of projects...birdhouse for Scouts, book report, ALP story.
*Tuesday and Wednesday were late starts for the girls.
*LOTS of YW stuff
*Book Club
*Olympics, Olympics, Olympics (can't get enough)
*Hot Yoga, spinning and weights
*Talking about summer plans, birthdays and a graduation.
*Getting Scott ready to spend next week in Jackson Hole
Another busy week. YEAH for the weekend!

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