Monday, February 2, 2009

one busy girl = one busy family

Here is the resident "busy girl!" She recently cut full bangs and got a little more spunk with that haircut. Like she needed anymore spunk. Jensen...wants to do everything, be involved in everything, dance ALL week and weekend, read all day and BOY is she excited for High School. I think she is most excited that her sister will be driving and she gets to ride with her.

This weekend I took photos of Jensen for her to take to her auditions. Here is the deal...ballerina's attend auditions the first part of every year for summer intensive programs. These programs are all over the United States and last for about a month. Yes, she wants to go away for 4 weeks all by herself to a strange city without any parental guidance. guessed it! This is not settling well with the parents. Not to mention that these programs cost minimum $3000.00. YIKES!!! Not going to happen sweet Jensen.

We agreed she could attend the auditions for experience. We think it is crazy to send a girl who will barely be 14 to Detroit, Seattle or LA. Besides, we told her she needed a wealthy benefactor who would be willing to sponsor this extremely expensive hobby.

Monthly dance tuition, dance clothes, audition fees, pointe and tech shoes and the gas to get her to and from. WOW! We must really love this girl. She is one costly teenager.

On the other hand, she is one great kid. Bakes a treat each weekend, babysits without complaining (when she is free), steps up to extra chores, has a beautiful smile and sparkly blue eyes.

She's a keeper!


shawni said...

My girls still talk about her. Now I'm the coolest mom in their book since I know Clara and her mom.

stacey said...

Hope the auditions and experience was good! We love you all.