Thursday, February 5, 2009

--The Buzz--

There is a "buzz" in the air around our home. So many exciting occasions on the horizon. One can hardly stand it.

Someone and I will not name who will be having a monumental birthday. The BIG 40 is looming for someone. Now that is pretty exciting in and of itself.

Mackenzie is turning 16! She is on a countdown. Exactly 2 months from today! Holy Cow! How did this ever happen.

How does one handle a 16 year old and a 40 year old in the same year?

I am excited for the extra driver. She is very good at the dance route (maybe because we do it a zillion times a week). How great to have her take her siblings places. I seriously cannot wait!!

Which brings me to the next She was to get Scott's car until Jensen and I had a scary experience last Friday on the freeway. No way, No how is she driving that little thing on the freeways here. What will we do now?

Jensen is excited to turn 14. Saturday night dances, High School, boy functions at church, need I say more. She is ready for summer and literally living at the dance studio. She loves to dance. Such passion!

Alec will be turning 9. Where has the time gone? He is anxious for basketball camp, scout camp, summer, going on a trip, video games, golfing and playing with Cole.

The girls and I leave for Europe in 4 months. I am so thankful for a giving husband, allowing us 10 days in Paris and London.

Mackenzie will be graduating in one year. I am grateful for a daughter that can see the BIG picture in life. She decided to take on this challenge. Which requires 4 online classes and an horrendous schedule next year. She is ready for the next stage in life. How mature. Graduating a year early and entering college at barley 17. Where did my little girl go?

Spring is busy at our house. Many birthdays and lots of fun looming on the horizon.

Now..what to fix for dinner?

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