Thursday, February 12, 2009


Our house is full of love right now. I took a FHE idea from a friend (Thanks Shawni!). We wrote on hearts what we love about one another and decorated the kitchen with them. Not only are they festive, but they are also great reminders to each of us.

Yesterday, Scott came home with the most BEAUTIFUL roses. I was sooo surprised! He does not like to pay the extra $ at Valentine's for flowers he can get anytime. So, I don't usually get flowers for Valentine's Day...let alone Long Stem Red Roses! I am one lucky girl.

Thank You! I Love You!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all our friends and family.
We love you!

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shawni said...

now that is REALLY nice...long stem roses on v-day. What a nice hubby. Love the hearts too! How's Wuthering Heights coming? Can you believe how horrible Heathcliff is??