Friday, February 20, 2009


It's not always easy being a parent. It becomes even harder when you are faced with the tough decisions. That is when parenting is no longer fun or easy.

We were faced with a tough decision today. How do you tell an almost 14 year old that she can not attend the fabulous ballet summer intensive that she was accepted into?

Jensen auditioned Sunday in Tucson with ABT (American Ballet Theatre). They are in New York and in the ballet world they are the cream of the crop.

We let her audition for experience, to get in front of these people and because she wanted to. We never imagined that she would be accepted to one of their summer programs. the email came telling us that Jensen was accepted to one of their programs. They placed her in Detroit, Michigan June 21st - July 17th. Holy Cow!!

We are so immensly proud of her and recognize that she has an incredible talent. She works so hard and it is so rewarding to see her get approval from others in the dance world. Way to go Jensen!!

But, on the other hand; do you let a 14 year old leave for a month, spend thousands of dollars for her to attend and split up the family over the summer? Or do you let her go and check out the other side of the dance world, be on her own for a month (she would be staying in a surpervised dorm) and help her find a way to try and earn some money to go towards the experience?

Decisions...there is not always a right or wrong decision. This is where parenting gets difficult. I know if I was in her shoes I would LOVE the chance to go. If she goes, does that mean every summer for the next 4 years she is going to want to go?

At this point I am not sure where this decision is going to go. I said all along she wouldn't be going and then here we are. I am hoping Scott and I will be inspired as to what we should do. I know I have said many a prayer today.

And the kids thought their life was rough!!

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Kara Jayne said...

Quite a dilemma...I can see both sides. I will say though, that you often can't put a price on life experiences. Those are the things I remember and learned most from. Good luck. Your great parents.