Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Leaving the nest

 The time has come for Kenzie to "leave the nest."
We have been running around town getting
everything for her apartment, packing up her room
and doing last minute crafts.

I have been soaking up every minute that I can
with this AMAZING young woman!
Man, will I miss her!!
I can't believe how time flew by.

Kenzie has done incredible things in
the year since she graduated High School.
This week she completed her
Associates Degree.
Yes, sir! She did it in 1 year!

Friday we head out in her little SUV
for BYU!
Wish us luck and
think of me as I spend the next
6 days in tears as
my little girl goes out on her own.

Love you Kenzie!
You will be awesome at the "Y"

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Chris and Kristy said...

I really can't imagine the emotions you must be experiencing with this new phase in life. My heart strings tug just thinking about it! Your sweet girl is awesome and you've done very well. I'm sure she'll miss you all terribly too! Good luck to you both!! Thinking of you.