Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Number 29!

Happy Birthday mother dearest!!!!!

In order to say happy birthday to our wonderful mom, we hacked her blog to say how much we love and appreciate her. Even though it is not her 29th birthday (more like 42nd!) like the title says, she is super fun to hang out with and gets along well with her 2 teenage kids! We love how willing she is to help with anything. You name it, and she will try her hardest to do it! Madre is creative beyond belief and the best with school projects or any other possible craft she can get her hands on. She is supportive of everything we do, and encourages us to fight hard and keep going when things get tough. We love her and the things she does to keep the family strong, and the great spritual rock she is in this family. I think it goes without saying that you rock mom!!! We love you lots. Have an awesome birthday!!!
         Your kids

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