Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~Sweet 16~

Look who is "16" today!!
Oh, boy is she excited!!
Driving, dating, driving and dating.
Such a fun time!

Jensen, you light up our family.
With those sparkly blue eyes, big smile
and never ending witty comments.
You are a bubble of energy.
Always going, doing and moving.

We LOVE you!
You love life!
You have a strong testimony of the gospel.
You hold true to your standards.
You are a great example to all
around you.

Ever since you could walk...
you have been on your toes.
As a little girl you walked on your toes
and now you dance on your toes.
We love watching you dance.
You are simply beautiful!
Your expressions, arms and
movements tell a story.

We are so proud of you.
Thank you for being our daughter.
It is an honor to be your parents.
Keep embracing life, working hard
and going after your dreams.
You will always be our "Beaner".
Mom and Dad

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