Saturday, May 15, 2010

Double Digits


It is hard to believe that 10 years ago Alec was born. I spent the last 3 months of the pregnancy on bed rest, several trips to stay in the hospital, weekly Dr visits and great family that came and helped us out. Alec was to be born by a routine, scheduled c-section, but nothing about this kid was routine. The surgical center was running 2 hours behind schedule and it is not easy waiting when you are ready to deliver.

Alec was born a month premature. They had held off the labor for 3 months and felt good about delivering him. When Alec was born he was not breathing well on his own. He was rushed to the NICU.

It was miracle that we were having Alec. All the Dr's had told us that after Jensen we wouldn't have anymore kids. And here we were having a baby and a boy no less!

Alec spent a week in the NICU. He went under an oxygen tent, had a ventilator put in and had the best nurses and Dr's. We are so thankful for the medical community and all that can be done. Alec was a fighter from the get go. Twice he pulled the ventilator tube out of his throat while under a sleep induced coma.

We are so blessed to have Alec in our family. He is a special boy! Happy 10th Birthday!! Here is what we love about Alec:

*Great sense of humor

*LOVES Basketball

*Always willing to pitch in and help

*Loves to snuggle

*Very Smart

*Alec is a pleaser

*Supports his sisters in their endeavors

*Researches everything on the computer before buying or asking for it

*Loves Gummi Bears

*Still likes to play with his action figures

*Sets up Basketball tournaments

*Very Independant

*Favorite saying..."I Know", the kid knows everything

*Enjoys teasing his sisters

*Loves popcorn

*Enjoys watching home or in the theatre

*Can get himself ready for school; breakfast and make a lunch

*Rides the spinning bike...nonstop!

*Loves the older boys in the ward

*Plays the piano

*Will ride his bike along side me while I run

*Very Talkative

*Loves to draw


Alec, Dad and I love you! You are such a fun boy and we are so lucky to be your parents. Thank you for being such a good kid. Great things lie ahead for you. Happy 10th Birthday!!

Mom and Dad

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