Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Smith Happenings

The question I get a lot is...What is happening with your family? With family and friends near and far it is always hard to keep everyone updated on our family. So here it goes!

Kenzie - Very busy with school, swim team, friends, college decisions and catching up on sleep. She loves having her car and the freedom it brings. She has recently figured out that "boys" are losers. Somewhat disappointing for her. She has some fabulous friends! She HATES swim team and really can't wait for it to be over. College decisions are overwhelming at the moment. Her school load is quite heavy, but she is doing excellent! Needless to say she is one busy girl!

Jensen - Enjoying her first year in High School. Although I get the feeling she would rather be home schooled. She has a fun dance class at school with some great girls. Ballet is still her life. Company auditions came and went. Last Saturday she had her Nutcracker audition. She looked beautiful and had a great audition. I don't think anything can top "Clara", but she is ready for a new challenge. Jens is learning to budget her time. She is up at 5:00AM and dances til 9:00PM. Not a lot of time for sleep. So far her most time consuming class is Honors Biology. Jens is rolling well with her crazy schedule.

Alec - Is having a fantastic year in school so far. He loves his teachers ( 3 different ones), has a great time in ALP and has some good friends. His weeks are full of scouts, playing with friends, piano and taunting his sisters. He has become quite the piano player and enjoys playing. He loves music and frequently can be found singing along to a song on itunes. That kid can learn the words to any song. As we find the weather cooling, he will start to venture outside for basketball and golf

It is a busy house, but a happy one. We love our weekends and the somewhat slower pace. We are all healthy, happy and truly blessed.

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