Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who Knew???

Tuesday afternoon as I entered the car, my arms were full; purse, book, cell phone, keys and a glass of water. You get the picture.

I placed the glass in a cup holder and proceeded to get into my car. As I climbed in and reached over to set my purse on the passenger precious cell phone slid out of my hand and landed in my glass of water. There it sat...submerged in ice water.

As I was driving down the street, I quickly took apart the phone and held it up to the air conditioning vents. Oh, man! I did not want to buy a new phone.

When Jensen got in the car, she told me that you put your phone and its parts in an airtight container buried in rice. Yep! She said rice.

The catch is the phone needs to stay in the rice for 2 -3 days. Oh, Ya!! No phone for me.

I will say it was a little liberating. When I left the house, noone could reach me. So that is what it was like before cell phones. It was a little nice.

I could only hold out until Thursday afternoon. Much to my amazement and surprise...when I put the phone back together, it worked! Yes, sirrreee!!

The phone is working great. So far, no glitches.

All I have to say is...Who Knew???

I love that my teenagers are smarter than me.

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Katy said...

That's some helpful info. Teenagers die without their phones! So, of course, they know how to fix them!