Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Scott

Happy Birthday Scott!!

I love this man for so many reasons....

*He is the best father, husband and friend.
*He always puts others first.
*He has always done everything he can
to provide and care for each of us.
*Very caring and concerned about all of us.
*Such strong FAITH and testimony.
*I have never seen such a dedicated hardworker.
*Is willing to sacrifice for others.
*Never complains.
*Great sounding board.
*Doesn't get worried easily.
*Remains neutral.
A HUGE Boise State Fan!
I was so looking forward to taking him to a BCS Bowl game
to watch his Broncos.
Scott, I love you!
Happy Birthday and I look forward
to celebrating many more with you.
I am lucky to be your wife and friend.

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