Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girl asks Boy

We embarked on new territory recently. Mackenzie decided she wanted to ask a boy to winter formal. This dance is a girl ask guy dance. So, the shy girl set a plan in motion.

Bat Girl
On a Tuesday night at 10:00 PM Krispy Kreme doughnuts were delivered to an unsuspecting young man...Tanner. It would be the first of 6 deliveries with clues. We enlisted the help of Bat Girl to deliver through out the next day.

The deliveries included Dr. Pepper, Chocolate Chip cookies, Ice Cream sandwiches, Homemade Cinnamon Rolls and the most delectable Chocolate/Brownie/Cheescake cake. Yes, all of the above were made from scratch with love.

Mackenzie eagerly awaited the reply. There were some up and down days. Senior girls were mad that a "Junior" girl had asked a Senior guy. In Mackenzie's credit, although technically she is a Junior, she is graduating with the Seniors and Mackenzie was smart and quick enough to ask him first. Better luck next time.

A week went by and still no reply. Oh, man it was getting hard. And then last Friday Tanner and his friends showed up with fishing line, helium, balloons and a sharpie.
The plan...tie balloons along a mile of fishing line, attach and have Mackenzie reel in to get her answer. Problem...very windy that day and the line with balloons kept going over the neighbors house and getting stuck.

Solution...leave one balloon attached to a rock send her to the park. The balloon said that he hoped her answer didn't "float" away.

Mackenzie and her posse came and found the "lone" balloon and off they went to the park. It was taking them a very long time. Unfortunately as the girls tried to undo the extremely long line of balloons, it got stuck and broke. Balloons and answer "floated" away.

Attempt #1

So, another waiting game ensued. I am sure Tanner was bummed that he had to reply yet again. Being the good sport that he is, he was up to the challenge. Boy, did he come through.

On Monday Tanner showed up with this cute poster and a gorgeous bouquet of roses. WOW! What a nice young man. What girl wouldn't love a dozen roses from a young man?

So, its official. Mackenzie has a date for Winter Formal. Now, get the dress, shoes, jewelry, plan the day-date, dinner and after dance activity. Let the fun begin!!

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