Monday, November 30, 2009

Spelling Bee

It is hard to believe that Alec is old enough to participate in the annual Spelling Bee at school. Boy, did we practice those words. Some of them were not very easy and I wasn't sure how to say them.

I think Alec was a little bit nervous at the beginning. It is not easy to stand up in front of people and spell words.

He did so GREAT! I was so proud of him. He made it to the fourth round. His word was "monopolize." I knew the minute they said it that he was thinking Monopoly. Not good. He even asked for the definition. That really confused him.

He left out one "o". Bummer! Although he did make it to the "Top Ten." He even received a medal for his efforts. That made his day.

Way to go Alec!!

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