Monday, November 16, 2009

Thankful Tree

~Thankful Tree~

I borrowed this idea from my friend Shawni. She has the best ideas and I think this is just what my family needed for the upcoming holiday. Each day we put a couple of leaves on the tree and on the leaves we write what we are "Thankful" for. Some are spiritual, others are materialistic and so on.

Alec came home from church with this little Turkey sticker. He is our good deed turkey. Someone will do a secretive good deed and leave behind the sticker. Then it is your turn to do a good deed to someone else in the family.

We are full swing into gratitude, thinking of others and serving. Just what we needed this month. I am so proud of my family for jumping in and participating. Keep it up!

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Katy said...

I love the thankful tree idea, and your tree looks so festive and fun.