Thursday, November 12, 2009

Life has been so crazy and full of changes. I have a hard time with change and not being in control. It has been difficult adapting to everything.

Last night I had the privilege of holding "Carter" for two hours. Nothing softens and melts your heart and troubles like a baby snuggling with you. Carter is the miracle baby for my friend Kristy. She and her husband waited and tried for 9 years until they were the wonderful recipients of this little miracle.

It was gracious of Kristy to let me snuggle with her little bundle. I could feel the stress, worry and troubles melting away. Thank you Kristy!

What brought me to this point are numerous emotions streaming through me. Living with constant pain (due to my back), inability to work out (which always releases my stress), daily stresses and the constant feeling that I am lacking as a YW's president.

It has become a snowball of stress and trials. I find it harder and harder to let things roll off of me.

I find our society is full of disrespect, know it alls and constant contention. How did it get this way and how do you raise your children to not fall into this mold?

Respect for adults, children, strangers, leaders... everyone! Why is it not shown and given more frequently and freely?

My wonderful husband says one of my biggest faults is that I always have to give 110%. Regardless of what it is I will give 110% and it will never be less than that. I find that a good work ethic has diminished. How are our children to learn if we do not show them by example?

As I pondered all of this I decided to set some end of the year goals. Be more observant to others, be more thoughtful, give more service and feed myself spiritually each day. If I focus on others, I will not get so down about myself. Wish me luck! I am off to serve!

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