Friday, May 11, 2012

Happiest Place on Earth

In April we did a spur of the moment
trip to Disneyland.

We left on a Thursday afternoon,
went to Disneyland on Friday
and drove home Friday night/
Saturday morning.
Disneyland was open 8-12
that day. We spent
13 hours running around
the "Happiest Place on Earth."

By 8:30 we had been on
Space Mountain twice
and were running to the other rides.

The boys on "Screamin."
Alec is not tall enough to see
They are in the 2nd car.

Love the photos taken during the ride.

Beautiful scenery at Disneyland.
We had fabulous weather!

 We had a blast running around Disneyland
with these three.
It was our first time with the kids as
teenagers, and we went non-stop
for 13 hours.

Love this photo.
Shades on and having fun!

We left Disneyland after "Fantasmic."
We drove to Scott's favorite pizza...
Round Table.
Picked up 2 pizzas, 5 hour energy,
lots of Diet Pepsi and headed back
to Arizona. We arrived home
at 4:00 AM Saturday morning.

Yes, we were exhausted, but it
was so worth it!
We are packing in a lot during our
last bit of time in Arizona.

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