Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Happy Birthday

Twelve years have gone by since
Alec joined our family.
It is hard to believe.
This tiny bird with
coal black hair has grown...

and grown.
Here he is at 5 years old.
Oh, man!
What a cutie!

And now at 12!
What a handsome young man.

~Alec has a great sense of humor
~Alec has a tender heart
~Alec has always been my buddy
~Alec loves movies
~Alec is very smart
~Alec has always loved to hang with the older boys
~Alec loves to play Lacrosse, Basketball and Golf
~Alec loves to tease and get rough with his sisters
~Alec is a very loyal friend
~Alec loves to read
~Alec is so excited to start going to Young Men's
~Alec is very aware when I have had a rough day and
coaxes me to sit down and relax
~Alec adds so much fun to our family

Alec, Dad and I are so very proud of you
and all that you have accomplished.
You are an amazing young man with
so much potential. We are very lucky
to be your parents and are so thankful
that you joined our family.
Happy Birthday Buddy!
We LOVE you!!
Mom and Dad

1 comment:

Katy said...

I CANNOT believe he is twelve. Stop the clocks, people!