Wednesday, May 9, 2012

April Recap

April was a whirlwind and a blur!
Time seems to be moving at mach speeds.
I can't stop it or slow it down.
Some of our normal traditions didn't
happen this year with birthdays, etc...
I guess that is what happens
when life is topsy turvy.

Kenzie was able to make it home
for her birthday and Easter.
She flew in at 9:00 PM on her birthday.
Better late than never!

We had a late night celebration.

Her favorite...
Fruit Pizza

Late night photos are the best

We had my birthday and somehow
we didn't get any photos.
Next was Jensen's Birthday.

Dishes for college...
Lucky Girl

It was nice to have the family
together for Easter.

Cute kids!

Mr. Dapper likes to pose

April was busy and jam packed!
We are enjoying our last bit in Arizona.

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kristie said...

Everyone is so gorgeous!! Can't believe time has flown so quickly. xo