Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter Formal

Winter Formal was quite the extravaganza. I was exhausted and I think the teenagers were also. They played hard!

Recap...Friday night was pizza at our house and then they took the light rail to a Phoenix Suns game. Got free tacos and were still hanging out at 1:30 AM Saturday morning.

Saturday morning the girls took cinnamon rolls to their dates.

Mackenzie's date was a good sport and took Alec up on a little Nerf battle before pictures. The group took pictures at Agritopia. Formal dinner was at our house Saturday night after pictures. They dined on Cesear Salad, french bread, Fettucine Alfredo and pizzacookies (?).

Went to Temple lights, watched Elf and then danced the night away. After the dance they went to Amanda's house for an outside movie, warm fire and treats.

The pictures will tell the story. Excuse the camera work...was just learning on the new camera.

Fun memories!!

Winter Formal Group

Annie came over to help Kenzie
Tanner and Alec in a Nerf battle


Never serious


What a good looking group

Cute couple

Best Friends

Dinner Table

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