Monday, December 14, 2009


Happy Birthday Scott!

I sure do Love this man! Today is his special day....his Birthday! What I love about this man...

* His faith; strong and unfaltering.
* Scott is the most unselfish person I know. Rarely does he do something for just him. He doesn't want to spend 4 hours golfing, because that could be family time.
* Hardworking! Scott has always had an incredible work ethic. He will do whatever it takes.
* Scott has a great sense of humor. He is sarcastic and very good at the quick come back.
* Positive Attitude. The glass is always half full.
* Fantastic Father to our children.
* Scott is my best friend. We started out as friends and our relationship grew from that friendship.
* Forgiving, Scott does not hold grudges. He will forgive and forget.
* Smart! There is very little that Scott does not know or can not figure out.
* Scott is extremely level headed and is great at explaining another view to a situation.
* Great travel companion!

Scott, Happy Birthday!! I love you and look forward to many more celebrations! ~Brandee~

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