Friday, April 17, 2009

the "unsurprise" party

As you get close to a monumental birthday, you become suspicious of everyone and everything. Things were much too quiet on the home front and one daughter even made the mistake of talking about a "secret" and then clammed up in front of me.
That brings us to the "unsurprise" party. My dear friends spent hours emailing friends and family. They prepared scrumptious food and created a very festive atmosphere. Little did they know I am a detective.
The party at Steph's was not a huge surprise...sorry guys! But so many friends and family were there. Now that did surprise me. We ate great food and lots of it. We chatted and they got to know a little too much about me.
Thanks Guys!! I appreciate all the hard work and effort. It was a great night. I have the BEST friends! I will never forget the fun evening and getting even will be so much fun! :)

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