Monday, April 13, 2009

one glorious week....

My favorite flower is a tulip. Scott brought these home in honor of my birthday.
(more on that later)

Alec doing his thing. He took coloring Easter Eggs very serious this year.
He did a great job!
Our resident baker (Jensen) made these miniature cupcakes for her friends.
They are a delicious and cute twist on a traditional cupcake.

Easter Morning
We found eggs, Easter Baskets, had a pancake breakfast in honor of
Jensen's Birthday, Yes she shared her day with Easter.
Boy, they are growing up.

The birthday girl....Jensen!
Happy 14th!!!

Scott and I were reminiscing about Jensen and her entry into this world. She wanted to come early. Mind you I had a c-section scheduled, but she wanted to come 2 weeks earlier than that. She could of been born on my birthday, but we decided to wait until the next day. So that makes 3 birthday's and usually Easter in 1 week. BUSY!!!

What I LOVE about this girl...

The way her smile lights up her eyes! She is the only blue eyed one in our family.

    Her determination, perseverance, and dedication. So much for only 14.

    Her love of baking. Boy, does she make some good stuff!

    Her ability to fit everything in to one day; Honors classes, 2 1/2 hrs of dance, family, etc...

    Her loyalty to friends, family, etc...

    Her willingness to jump in and help.

    The example she is to those around her.

    Love - for family, friends and the Savior.

    Her sweet testimony.

    Hardworking - whether it is dance, chores, yard work or school she puts in the time.

    Jensen, you are a wonderful daughter. Since you were a baby you have always had a TON of energy. You have never liked to sleep and have always wanted to be part of the action. You are a beautiful daughter of your Heavenly Father. I LOVE you and am so proud of you! Mom

With Easter over and all the birthday's done what a great week it was. It was also monumental. Kenzie turned 16, I turned 40 and Jensen turned 14. WOW!! Church was amazing yesterday. The spirit was so strong. Testimony meeting filled me up to the point where I didn't think I could get spiritually feed anymore. Then Sunday School continued to feed me and in YW's we had the most amazing lesson on the last week of the Savior's life. What a great day! It was the perfect way to cap off a busy, exciting and very full week.

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Kara Jayne said...

I NEED the recipe to those mini cupcakes!! How adorable. They would be perfect for a baby shower I am throwing soon!

What a great family.