Thursday, November 20, 2008


Me 1 year ago

This photo was taken one year ago. I would look in the mirror and think...well, I look pretty good today. As the months went by and the weight kept creeping on I began to become dissatisfied with myself. Clothes weren't fitting, low energy, low self esteem, unhappy, etc... I think you get the picture.

Then in April for my birthday a good friend and my very loving husband found me a personal trainer. They purchased me some sessions.

The initial visit was a SHOCK to say the least. To have every inch measured, fat calibrated and the REAL facts staring you in the face. I had let myself go!!

The hard work began. Cardio 5 x's a week, weight training 2 x's a week and a strict meal plan that got changed every two weeks.

I was ready and motivated. I was paying Bernie a lot of money to help me. No way was I going to cheat or short change myself. Thank you friends for being understanding during my long and painful metamorphosis.

I literally went into a cocoon. Nothing stood in the way of my new lifestyle. I followed every rule to the letter. Twice a week I would go and get beat up by Bernie. Whatever she would give me I would do it. Sometimes to the point of getting sick.

Slowly, but surely the weight, inches and fat started to come off. It was exciting, empowering and felt good. Sure, I endured many sore muscles and fatigue, but it was so worth it. I now have actual muscles.

Now at 7 months from my start I am where I want to be. The butterfly has been released. It feels great. I could not have done this without Bernie. She has been there for me through everything. Not only is she my trainer, but I have a new friend. She gave me the tools for a healthy life. Thank You Bernie!!

Thank you Scott and kids. You have endured many a night of grilled, baked or crock pot chicken. You are the best and I love all of you! Thank you for helping me achieve this goal.

Why do I share this? You can achieve anything you want. Motivation, hard work, determination and support will get you whatever you want to achieve. I am not sure what the next goal will be, but it feels so good to accomplish this.

The End Result


Kara Jayne said...

Good for you Brandee!! You look fabulous!

Chad and Mindy said...

congrats!!! You look fabulous.

shawni said...

Brandee that's SO awesome. You look so great. I love the traditions list too. LOVE this time of year...but it also stresses me out so much!

Talk to you soon...maybe we'll see you Saturday.