Monday, November 10, 2008

80's Night

80's Night with the Mia Maids

Mackenzie and I dressed up for 80's night

My Mia Maids wanted to have an 80's night for a Wednesday activity. Well, here is my daughter and myself all dressed up for the evening. The girls had so much fun and loved getting dressed up. It is sad to say but, this was when I was in High School. Yes, some of us did dress like this.

The girls think this was soooo long ago. It really wasn't. Okay who am I trying to kid? What were we thinking in High School. Really?? Did we honestly think this looked good?

Just a few of the things worn on that night....leg warmers, mini skirts, jeans folded over and rolled up, BIG earrings, blazers with pins, bright colors. Ya, you get the idea.

We had a great time in our lovely outfits. We then came to my house to play Sing Star 80's. These girls had never heard of half of the songs. We will just say that not all of us are singers, but we gave it a try!

Great activity and LOTS of FUN!!

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