Sunday, November 2, 2008

the love of music....

This kid LOVES music. He has had an IPOD since he was 5. He knows all the words to any song on the radio. That can be dangerous!

One year ago I decided to teach Alec the basics of piano. Needless to say he ate it up and wanted more and more.

This summer I officially enrolled him in piano lessons. This kids loves to play the piano. He will run to play the piano several times a day. I am not exaggerating.

He taught himself all the hymns and primary songs in the beginner books. How I love to hear him playing and singing along. There is nothing quite like it.

Who knew that an 8 year old boy would love the piano so much. This weekend he got a book full of Star Wars music. This is his new passion.

I worried that he would not be able to sit still long enough to learn a song. That was silly!! All he wants to do is learn new songs and have us guess the name of the song.

I certainly hope he keeps this up. Such a great talent and there is nothing like a boy who can sit down at the piano and play for everyone.

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