Saturday, May 23, 2009


It has finally arrived...SUMMER! School is out and I couldn't be happier!! There are mixed emotions at our house this year.

Normally everyone is very excited to be out of school. This year is a little different. Mackenzie has now realized that she is a Senior in High School. This is it. She came home a little melancholy on Thursday. She had a Great year and will miss some of her buddies that won't be in her classes next year.

Jensen is embarking on High School and a group of her friends will be going to a different High School. Hard to keep in touch when you don't see each other daily and you are town rivals.

Alec was glad to be done with 3rd grade, but already worried about his teacher for 4th grade. He will be in for BIG changes next year. He will have his 4th grade teacher, but he tested into ALP and will have a teacher for language and another teacher for math. I think he is a little nervous about all of it.

Summer...sleep in a little bit, relaxed schedules, movie nights, staying up late, trips, hanging out in the pool and LOTS of family time. YEAH!!

A busy summer lays ahead of us this year. The goal is to enjoy and make the most of each moment.

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