Saturday, May 16, 2009


Happy Birthday Alec!!

Alec is 9 today. Boy, I love this kid!

Last weekend he had a party with friends and we had this slide in our backyard.
Boy, was this fun!!

What a great group of boys. They are awesome!!

What I LOVE about Alec:

He is a tender person. Always tells me he loves me and gives great hugs and kisses.

Always willing to pitch in and help.

Loves to play the piano and sing a long as he plays. He will figure out a new song all on his own. I LOVE to hear him play and sing.

Boy, does he love his BIG sisters. He always wants to hang with them and his friends. He thinks it is so cool to be included.

SMART....not only does he love school, but he is really smart. He loves a good challenge.

What a planner! He has had his birthday planned for over a week. Not only the menu, but activities as well.
He still finds it cool to stay home with mom. What a treat to have a day with him. name it, he likes to play it!

Alec always tries to be his best and do his best. I admire that.

Friends...doesn't need a TON of friends, but likes a small group of close friends. They are such cute friends. One has been a friend since Alec was 18 months. Now that is a friend!

He is quite the riddler/joke teller. You can count on him to have something funny.

Simple...he doesn't have extravagent tastes. Chocolate cake, burgers, basketball shorts and T's. You name it he is simple at heart.

Alec, you are such a great boy! I can't believe you are 9! Where has the time gone? I love you and am so proud of you. What a blessing you are in my life. Love, Mom

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