Wednesday, March 25, 2009

spring break

I love having my kids home. Spring Break was another great week at the Smith house. We opted to stay home (due to some BIG summer travels) this year. Here are some highlights;

My kids LOVE to read. This was a familar look over the week. I think Mackenzie read 3 books.

Wiped down cupboards. Love when they are clean.

Alec would ride his bike in the morning while I ran. So fun to have him along on my morning excursions.

Got frozen yogurt. YUMM!!

Jensen was sick for 2 days. Bummer for her. While she was camped out on the couch..Mackenzie got a makeover at MAC, Alec got new flip-flops and we hung out at SanTan.

Had lunch at Paradise Bakery.

Went to the movies

Spent time in Scottsdale

Dr. appointments...ballet rehearsals

The girls layed out while Alec played basketball

Cleaned closets

Organized my 3 HUGE buckets of photos..Finally! That felt good to get done.

Decorated the girl's rooms

Went to Target numerous times

Ate at Joe's, Gecko Grill, Pizza

Birthday shopping for our busy April Birthdays

Alec and I washed my car. Yes, I did not take it somewhere. I actually washed it.

Lost my wedding ring at the fabulous husband found it!!

Stood in line at midnight to purchase "TWILIGHT" for my girls

New glasses for Alec. He now has to go to the eye Dr. every 6 months. His prescription more than doubled. Poor kid!

All in all a great week! I love having my kids home. It was calm, relaxing, fun and not as crazy as school days. Can't wait for summer vacation.

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Kara Jayne said...

it all sounds like heaven to joke.